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Now in stock: the full line of Age Old products! In addition to the classic dry products; Grow Formula, In Full Bloom and Fruit Finish and the liquid favorites, Grow and Bloom, we also have Sweet Finish, a bloom enhancer that helps increase size and flavor, Humic, which aids in micronutrient availability, Root Assist, a beneficial microbe inoculant, CalMag2, an advanced Calcium-Magnesium supplement, M.P.G., an enzyme formula which cleans roots of dead material and helps rinse away deposits of metals, salts and acids left in soil or hydro systems as a result of heavy feeding, Calcium, the most calcium-rich liquid supplement that I know of, with 20% pure calcium and Liquid Fish & Seaweed and Liquid Kelp, which can promote stronger plants and enhance the results of the other products. See them all only at Willits Garden Supply.


is a plant nutrient formulated with potassium and naturally occurring compounds. TERPINATOR┬« is designed to increase the concentration of terpenoids in aromatic plant oils.